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Deadline is okay..But where's the brief? What are the deliverables? Client hoardings lega yaa Digital ad karega?

This is what you hear in almost any advertising agency office. An interesting conversation between the copy and the client servicing team. Newspaper, radio, hoardings and of course social media. There are several avenues through which creative work can see the light of the day.

However, what matters most is the central idea or big idea which is the foundation of that creative work. It decides the path the communication would take. And the client too, is interested to know this. Media can be decided later on which depends on many things including client's advertising budget. If one focuses on the media options first while thinking on the brand in question, it may create confusion while arriving at the idea. So it is a must to work on the idea first which can be carried forward across media. So the mantra here is make concept cards based on your idea. Media can be thought of later.

How to Choose a Creative Advertising Agency ?

Have you understood the importance of Advertising for your business? Great. Let’s move on to the next step - Choosing an advertising agency for your business.

As business itself is an amalgamation of dynamic activities, finding the perfect advertising agency which should work in line with your goals might be a task. Hiring a small in - house team for branding & advertising may work to some extent, but there can be a situation where you soon need to hire a dedicated advertising agency.

And the search begins..

This ‘Search Phase’ is very crucial and deserves dedicated time. Because picking up a wrong agency might be the decision you will regret forever. Good advertising can position your brand the right way resulting in sales growth, while poor advertising can hamper your brand’s reputation.

So, how to choose the right advertising agency?

Here we go –

Determine your Advertising Budget

Yes, this is the first step. Having an idea about your advertising budget allows you to decide whether to hire a high - charging agency for limited services or comparatively low-charging agency for all the services you required. So first you should determine which service you actually need. Advertising agencies provide services like billboard designs, ambience branding, logo designing, corporate films, radio jingles, and even Digital Marketing. You have to decide which services you need the most, as in what is the necessity of your business and have to allocate the budget accordingly.

Go with the Full - Service Advertising Agency

There are two types of advertising agencies. One is niche-based which handles the certain kind of operations only. On the other hand, Full - Service advertising agencies cover all the aspects of the campaign. They have a dedicated team/department for each task. Though you do not want all the services at the moment, but when you expand the business in the near future, you will need them. Hiring a full - service advertising agency would be helpful because such an agency will take the campaign through all the necessary media.

Check their Portfolio

This is inarguably the most important part while choosing an ad agency. While doing research by yourselves, go through their website and check the ‘portfolio’ section. One can put the wrong information in the text format, but pictures and videos showcase the work where we can infer the conclusions about whether a particular agency is good or not. Thus, the portfolio can simplify your decision while choosing an agency.

Find an Agency with Experience in Your Industry

It would be a great deal if you collaborate with an agency who possesses experience in your domain. These agencies already have a good understanding of the business sector. As a result, you won’t have to explain your business from scratch. Moreover, research done by such an agency on the sector will be of great help.

Check their Clientele

Those big names matter. If well established and reputed businesses are working with that particular agency, it proves that the agency is worth considering. It creates a sense of confidence and assurance of giving your business in the safe hands. The other logical thing is that established businesses will never hire a mediocre agency. So you can trust this agency.

So, these were the 5 tips about how to choose an Advertising Agency. Hope you will find it useful. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Have a nice day!