Deadline is okay..But where's the brief? What are the deliverables? Client hoardings lega yaa Digital ad karega?

This is what you hear in almost any advertising agency office. An interesting conversation between the copy and the client servicing team. Newspaper, radio, hoardings and of course social media. There are several avenues through which creative work can see the light of the day.

However, what matters most is the central idea or big idea which is the foundation of that creative work. It decides the path the communication would take. And the client too, is interested to know this. Media can be decided later on which depends on many things including client's advertising budget. If one focuses on the media options first while thinking on the brand in question, it may create confusion while arriving at the idea. So it is a must to work on the idea first which can be carried forward across media. So the mantra here is make concept cards based on your idea. Media can be thought of later.