Designs that will make the
toughest critiques
go 'WOW'

At Nobis Brandcom we believe that design is one of our major strengths; we create designs that have the power to open doors to valuable business opportunities. Our team comes up with designs that will strengthen your marketing, communication and brand for every single client.

Identity Design

With identity design we help you build a brand that is recognizable, strong and impactful. We undertake the research and develop a style that is in sync with your business and reflects the right message. All in all our identity design service will act as the bridge between the target audience and your company.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is as important as the product! Our team designs packaging that makes people stop, notice, and take your offerings off the shelf. In a nutshell our packaging design is an amalgamation of three main aspects – Form, Functionality and Information.